Five Spot Basketball Shooting Workout

Five Spot Shooting is one of the best all around shooting workouts developing players can utilize. In fact, if there’s ONE workout you ever use to become a good shooter- this would be it!

Five Spot Shooting is a progressive workout that covers every aspect of shooting from every spot on the court. It’s extremely thorough and ensures that you are getting in the right repetitions.

Additionally, it helps you develop distance control because you methodically move your way out from the basket. 

Why Five Spot Shooting? : 

Most players like to start outside and shoot shots they are not ready for (should not be shooting).  That is very counterproductive and one of the biggest mistakes that players make.

Five Spot Shooting workout forces the player to focus on fundamentals, shoot from the proper distance and progressively build their shots the right way.   

The Set up :

As shown in the diagram and shot chart below, you will be shooting from five different angles on the court (left baseline, right baseline, left wing, right wing, and middle). taking 50 total shots from each of the five angles.



You will begin on the left wing, setting up four feet from the basket (spot one in the diagram below). Take 10 shots from spot one, keeping track of how many you make out of 10. If you make at least six out of 10, you are able to progress back to spot two which is four feet back from spot one (eight feet from the basket).

However, if you fail to make at least six shots from spot one in round one, you are not able to move back to spot two. You must stay in spot one for round two. In round two you will again take 10 shots and keep track of how many you make.

Again, if you make at least six shots, you can move back to the next spot. Each new spot is four feet farther back from the previous spot.

The same continues for rounds three through five. Once you have completed round five you will have taken 50 total shots and you will then move to the next angle (ex: middle). After finishing all five angles you will have attempted 250 total shots from all court angles.

This drill is great because it requires players to master shooting from a certain distance before they can move back. Do not be disappointed if you do not make it back to the three-point line.

Most players will remain in spots 1-4 for the entire workout.

Five Spot Shooting keeps players within their appropriate range and provides them goals to achieve.

Feel free to use the following Shot Chart to record your progress!  

Download Shot Chart Here!




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