Skills & Drills: Shooting



The drill begins with three (3) lines a few feet out-around the hoop. Players shoot focusing on form and targeting to SWISH the ball through the basket, then rotate to the next line.

This is a great shooting drill and warm-up that enables the players to work on shooting with the proper form (B.E.E.F). Also, coaches are able to watch each individual player and provide immediate feedback for technique improvement.

How to Setup the Drill:

• Every player get a basketball

• Form three lines around the basket – on both blocks (sides) and the top

• Even the number of players in each line


#1. The first player in the first line shoots the ball, follows their shot and rebounds, then joins the next line

#2 As soon as the first player shoots, make or miss, the first player from the second line shoots, rebounds and joins the third line.

#3 The first person from the third line shoots, rebounds and joins the first line.

#4 The rotations continue to ensure that only one player is shooting at a given time.


• The TEAM counts the number of makes and misses TOGETHER

As the players develop you can start extending their range (moving them further away from the basket- keeping in mind that their shooting form must be correct.

Coach Jenkins Tips/Focus:

  • Players must always be shooting with the proper form. This drill is not meant to be a contest or race.
  • Consider having the players hold follow through until the ball has either been made or missed
  • Keep stressing communication – everyone should be calling out the score

I hope that you find this drill as helpful as we have at JENKINS ELITEHOOPS! We have seen tremendous results and improvement by using it. If you have some fundamental drills that you use, please share!

See you at the Court!

Coach William

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