Liz L (parent)

First, thanks for coaching this team. They could not have had a better coach. Truly. I am on the same page as you as a coach when it comes to what’s important at this age. I think you nailed it and Carter learned so much of the basics and has a much better understanding of the game thanks to you. It was fun to watch this team grow as the weeks went on.

I don’t even know what to give you constructive feedback. You are a great mix of encouragement, excitement and recognizing what they did right versus wrong, and then coaching on how to do it better. So important for kids this young age. Often times that’s what’s lacking in a male coach at a young age I’ve noticed. You need to teach this to other dad coaches!

Thanks again for the time and knowledge you shared with (name removed). He really enjoyed you. It’s fun to see him truly enjoy a sport, and you are a big reason why he liked it so much.